Ready to achieve your BIG GROWTH goals?


Start small 

Scale UP

BIG GROWTH means...

Sales + Revenue  + Net Profit + Website Traffic + Customer Acquisition + Qualified Leads + Customer Loyalty + Retention + Messaging Alignment + Brand Articulation + Recognition + Accomplishing Milestones + Greater Visibility + Employee Satisfaction + CEO Pride + Happiness

Yep, I have BIG GROWTH dreams!

Services for every stage + phase of growth

Create a Future on Your Terms

A detailed vision of what you what, how much and by when, gives you the clarity so that you can plant the seeds that will bring your vision to fruition. 

Plan on a future with BIG growth

Planning for the Harvest. Utilise the power of smart goal setting,  marketing and resource planning to map out your path to growth.

Know exactly who you are selling to and why

Know who wants what you’re growing. Understand what motivates your target audience so your messages resonate every time!

Showcase your brand’s unique DNA

Showcase your entire garden - Boost Your Brand's Impact by identifying all the characteristics that can work for you.!

Services to Scale Your Business + Your Dreams?  

Make sure your foundations are solid

Tending to the Soil - Ensuring you have solid foundations in place that are capable of supporting your growth. 

Get focused on growth of all kinds

You need sun, water and fertilizer to fast track growth -  Once the foundations are in place, focus on scalable, replicable, and sustainable growth.

Set yourself up for success

You cant change what you don't acknowledge. A Growth Audit, will detail your current state, identify what's working and  make recommendations for what's still required to create the growth you want. 

Grow your own greatness and amp up your skills

Want to become a better gardener? Invest in Marketing Mentoring that maximises your potential for growth and greatness.

You'll experience growth and so much more...

Services to give you exactly what you need?  

Make your message resonate


Communication is like the rain that fosters ongoing growth - Keep your stakeholders engaged with compelling communications.

Focus on what you need 


You've got a handle on some growth tools and not others. Find the exact right mix for your goals that will fill the gaps and ensure you're thriving!

Get your questions answered


Bring us your burning questions. What are you grappling with when it comes to growth, branding, strategy and messaging?  Will meet your Qs with As.

Hire the right help


From role definition to recruiting and training new resources, we can help you bring your own talent in house and ensure they're productive from day 1.

Free Tips for Growing your Service Business

If growth is what you’re after and you're not sure where to start, here are 20 strategic growth tips. These are especially useful for contemporary B2B service companies in amplifying their impact and growing their bottom line.

These tips will give you some new suggestions or validate your current efforts as to where you can focus your growth efforts!

Get yours now + GET GROWING!

If you want BIG BUSINESS results?

Create the vision that big business sees.

Do the things big businesses does.

Think like big business thinks.

Use the tools that big business uses.

Grow like big business grows!

I want to be a BIG business!


You were born entrepreneurial. Think back to that lemonade stand, paper route, dog walking business.  You've certainly come a long way!  

You think BIG, you act quickly and you want to maximise the impact you and your business can make in this world.

You run a service business, probably in the B2B space and you have seen the tremendous success of the big corporates first hand. And, while you don't want to be in THAT space, you do want to expand and grow and amplify and see where this takes you.

You've probably had your business running profitably for a few years and you've been doing all (or at least most) of the things yourself.

You've been CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO and that sh*t's gotta stop. You want to concentrate on Leadership!


You're ready for your next phase of growth. And, you realise that it's going to require trust and delegation and tapping into the proven expertise of others. You're ready to invest in planning, process, technology, to apply rigour and embrace well honed strategy because you know how important they all are in driving success.

You're looking for expertise to help you to craft the plan to get from here to there and to provide support and nurturing as you grow. 

If this sounds like you, you're ready for The Growth Garden experience so please reach out and say hello. 


I’m Linda, The Growth Gal, founder of The Growth Garden.

We help ambitious B2B service businesses to fast track, focus, and achieve their BIG GROWTH DREAMS using the same tools the BIG COs use, but at smaller CO prices.

Success comes from planting the right seeds and nurturing them until they thrive. Our strategic branding, marketing and communications consulting and coaching services are delivered virtually, resulting in fast and sustainable results for those who get that GROWTH is a BIG DEAL.


With 30+ years of multi-industry, omni-channel, robust marketing and communications experience, I've been helping grow companies for decades! 

From producing compelling content, building memorable brands, developing powerful growth strategies, to implementing strategic marketing campaigns and all the communications they require, to mentoring others as I grow, my integrated approach to growth includes expertise in many areas so that clients need not look any further for a total growth solution. TGG also a strong alliance of trusted strategic partners whose specialised expertise is brought on a project by project basis to get the required results.

When we work together you can count on  getting access to BIG CO marketing and communication solutions that are backed by solid strategy, created to achieve results, and delivered with passion.  

And, you can bet we'll have a bit of fun!

Let's get you growing, shall we?

The "I'm still blushing" files...

"When it came time for me to grow my solopreneur coaching business  into a a full blown consultancy, I knew that she was THE ONE PERSON I really needed on my team to help me bring my vision to life."

A few words from a formidable founder and legend of a lady, Nicole D'Andrea of Spark Strategies and Blackbird Yoga Studio. She shares her thoughts on the branding work experience she's had with me and The Growth Garden... Over to her for more....

Nicole D'Andrea, Founder Spark Strategies and Blackbird Yoga Studios

"Linda is an incredibly talented brand strategist - I’ve not ever seen anyone who is able to pull together a brand and story for a client — often when they don’t even know it themselves!

She’s a ‘JIll of all trades’ - she can jump in and help out when people need a hand - a real team player.

Often with branding it’s an emotional experience… bringing their baby into the world. Linda does this with ease and empathy.

A great people leader - enthusiastic and positive and brings out the best in the team."

Sheridan James, Marketing Executive, Koh Living (Previously, Growth Director,at The Lightning Rod Agency)

"Linda is indeed a blessing to have on your team. I needed the support of an experienced professional, who thinks strategically, brainstorms like Einstein, and can help me iterate and refine my vision and then break it down into executable steps, steps that are time, priority defined and on budget!  

I work with individuals and businesses, and Linda’s extensive corporate background enables her corporate insight to be repurposed and interpreted for a smaller but equally ambitious audience, which is a game-changer.

Linda’s great Strategic Thinking strengths are the ones that keep us all focused on what could be. Linda is constantly absorbing and analysing information and helping me and my growing team make better decisions." 

Vanessa Auditore,  CEO Success HQ Pty Ltd

"Linda helped transform our company and get us back on the track to success. Linda worked with me to define our marketing position and produce the material needed to attract sales. With her help we launched a new web site, write letters, case studies, brochures, and much more. Thanks to Linda, everyone at Univex is now much more confident about the future and we are starting to see results in the way of an increase in new customers!"

Paul D. Filmer - Managing Director, The Univex Group

"Linda has been an invaluable resource for EdTechTeam Press’ recent launch and branding. As an author herself, she really understands our needs as a publishing company. She was instrumental in helping us develop our strategic direction, and she partnered our goals with the perfect marketing tools and techniques, something we could not have done on our own. We are so happy with her strategic guidance that we also have her consult with individual authors, and during those meetings I can almost see the light bulbs go off in their heads as she gives them targeted ideas to help them grow their own brands."

Holly Clark - Head of Publishing, EdTechTeam

"Linda brings a level of deep curiosity. She asks really powerful questions!  Her ability to articulate the story and narrative of your brand is outstanding. Linda’s gift is to create a copy and brand message and narrative that cuts through and gains attention."

Kymberlie Dimozantos. Founder, The Lightning Rod Agency

"Thanks to the amazing Linda Johannesson from Growth Garden for helping us lift our website messaging, design, SEO and marketing to a new level, to grow, grow, GROW!!

So great working with you, Linda. 😊 So much gold in your recommendations!"

Bridget + Alan,

Thinking BIG means...

Holistic integrated  growth

Results/solutions focused 

Strategic business filter 

Asking lots of powerful questions 

Amplifying greatness/influence