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Stages of Book Marketing


When You Have A Well Formed Idea


As You Begin Writing

While You Write 


One Month Prior to Launch

Launch Day

Post-Launch and Ongoing

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Writing your book only gets you part way there.  

Getting it in the right hands and under as many of the necessary eyeballs as possible is where the real impact happens!

It’s time to release your remarkable: it’s time to write, publish, and market your book so your impact is felt!

We’re calling all innovators, sages, change makers, fresh thinkers, legacy leavers… let’s get your work out there.

There are many possible reasons why you’re writing your book:

You can’t do any of these unless you actually write it, publish it, and MARKET IT WELL 🙂!

Is this you?

You’ve got a story to tell, insight to share, ideas to express, and an impact to make.

Why do I need strategic book marketing ?

To maximise your book’s ultimate success!

Strategic and successful book marketing starts much earlier than you might expect. It begins with your core concept and at the idea stage, way before the writing process is fully underway.

It begins with your why, your content, your insight, your experience, your goals. It starts with your audience and the benefits they will receive as a result of reading your polished final product!

Marketing efforts for your book most certainly do not begin AFTER you have completed your book. In fact, they are more effective the earlier they begin.

Effectively marketing for your book starts at the very beginning. 

And, they can be divided into a three phase process:

First you write the book, then you market it, RIGHT?  


Getting your book in the right hands and under as many of the necessary eyeballs as possible is where the real impact happens! To do that you need to embrace the marketing process from the very beginning.

Don’t be the best kept secret! 

Maximise your book’s sales, profitability, reach, and message by ensuring you’re embracing book marketing strategies from the start!

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Investing in book marketing expertise pays off! 

Effective book marketing sells more books, amplifies your message, and maximises your impact!

Professional book marketing expertise delivers a variety of benefits that all lead to you and your book (and possibly your business) making a bigger impact!

Strategic book marketing delivers:

The benefits are well worth the investment!

Helping authors grow means, ‘Seeing the light bulbs go off in their heads’!

Kind words from former clients

"Linda has been an invaluable resource for EdTechTeam Press’ recent launch and branding. 

As an author herself, she really understands our needs as a publishing company. She was instrumental in helping us develop our strategic direction, and she partnered our goals with the perfect marketing tools and techniques, something we could not have done on our own. 

We are so happy with her strategic guidance that we also have her consult with individual authors, and during those meetings I can almost see the light bulbs go off in their heads as she gives them targeted ideas to help them grow their own brands."

Holly Clark - Head of Publishing, EdTechTeam


"Never leave the scene of a decision (or inspiration) without first taking a specific action toward its realisation.”

Tony Robbins

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