Ideal Client Profiling

How well do you know Your Ideal Client? 

Learn EXACTLY who you are selling to and why!

Create an ideal client profile that becomes so real you can smell her perfume!

Get The Growth Garden's Ideal Client Profiling Package Working for You!

When you know, YOU KNOW

Then, the magic happens...

ALL of your marketing and messaging gets faster, easier, and more focused.

And, it delivers SUPERIOR RESULTS!

 When it comes to YOUR IDEAL CLIENT, can you answer these questions? 

Can you predict her next purchase?

How much more might he be willing to pay?

When she doesn't buy, do you know what's holding her back?

What are the biggest benefits he's getting from your products or services? 

How did she first find you? 

What are his interests? 

What does she value? 

What are his fears?

What does she tell her friends about you?

Where does he go for information?

What does she think about your competitors?


The process include:

The deliverables include


$1,500 for one BASIC Ideal Client Profile

$2,500 for one COMPREHENSIVE Ideal Client Profile


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Client Understanding Leads to More Effective Marketing 

Familiarity with your key audience is an imperative in creating marketing that resonates, messaging that engages and strategies that get you the growth results you're after.

The use of customer profiling enhances customer experience, optimises retention and loyalty, and creates more efficient marketing strategy. 

Create an ideal client profile that becomes so real you can predict what he'll have for lunch!

How Your Ideal Client Profile Can Help Accelerate Business Growth - Get Your Free Guide

Get your free guide chock full of tips, hints, creative ideas and some insider insights on getting the most out of your Ideal Client Profile, including:

How to Use Your Ideal Client/Avatar Profile (here's a hint, it's not just in your marketing)

Getting the Most from Your Ideal Client Profile

Some Ways of Using Your Ideal Client Profile That You May Not Have Considered

Tips from some of the BIG corporates

Once you've created your Ideal Client Profile, this guide will ensure that you extract as much value as possible from your efforts.  This guide really does make 'the juice worth the squeeze' as it provides deep insights, creative applications and some glimpses into how other innovative companies are putting their Ideal Client Profiles to work for them.

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