Growth Mentoring 

Maximise your personal growth potential


Here at The Growth Garden, we harvest a lot of mileage from the gardening metaphor.  

We're happy to offer 'done for you' services, but we are also keen to sow seeds of greatness andcultivate and nurture them in others.  

We get so excited when we are able to share our greatness to help you enhance yours.  

We'll all acheive more growth if we all grow together.

The Typical Mentee

You crave growth!

You're curious and keen to learn.

While you understand the importance of strategic marketing in growing your business, you may be in need of some marketing mentoring to better understand what you need, when and why. 

A little marketing insight, some strategic clarification, and a few tips and 'how-tos' will help you to grow from good to great faster than you thought possible. 

When you're thinking about growth for your business, don't overlook growing your own expertise in the process. 

Carina, from The Ethical Writer, shares her thoughts on working with Linda as well as the benefits she's received from Linda's mentoring during their time working together.

We have a mentoring package that's just right for you!

Perhaps you need...

A fortnightly check in to ensure you remain on track and learn by doing 

A monthly review and discussion of performance metrics and how to improve them

One or two very focussed brainstorming sessions to get you over a hump

Intensive guidance while you get through a launch, the creation of your first marketing plan or online campaign, 

The mentoring support you need to market like the legend you are is here for the asking.

Mentoring is the growth gift I can give myself.

Or, if you need Coaching + Consulting rather than mentoring, we've got you covered here too!

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It delivers real results!

Amplify Your Business Growth + Step Into The Growth Garden + THRIVE!