Showcase your brand’s unique DNA!


Most people have a limited view of what a brand actually is. 

What do you think of when we say, ‘brand’? 

Is it just a logo, a colour palette, and a tagline?  

A brand is sooooo much more than that. 

It’s the comprehensive promise you make to your customers.  

It’s made up of your product/service, pricing, distribution channels, processes, naming conventions, marketing activities, messaging, people, customer service, alliances, and operations all rolled into one.

Are all facets of your brand serving you well enough? 

Are they all operating in alignment?

Do you fully understand the implications of a well articulated brand and how it can help to amplify growth? 

Do you know which activities are supporting and which are detracting from your brand promise?

Your Brand Journey is The Pathway to Growth

We'll take you on a Brand Journey that identifies and clarifies your company vision, your why, your brand pillars, your USPs, your elevator pitch, logos, taglines, bios, colour palettes, your ideal customer and so much more.  

We’ll make recommendations on brand naming, marketing channel choice, give you a fresh perspectives on how to best grow your business, new ideas for growth strategies and brand extensions, clearer messaging, kick-ass taglines and positioning, colour palettes that enhance the brand experience, guidelines for amplification, feedback on what you’ve been doing, clarity and validation around what’s working, and warnings around what’s not, 

Do you want to expand the strength of your brand and make it work harder and smarter for you while still elegantly articulating your unique brand DNA?  

Signs you need a REBRAND

How BADASS is YOUR Brand?

If I asked you if your business had a BADASS brand, how would you respond?

Would you even know what I meant by being a badass brand, or practicing 'business badassery'?

In short it means being:

So, are you practising 'business badassery'? Or does you brand need a little help embracing its inner badass?

Have a read of these questions for your answer

If your brand is coming up short, the good news is... WE CAN HELP!

Dr Fon Powell shares her feedback on the project we worked on together. Often a brand is only thought of as an external force. This project exemplified the importance of translating the brand and its core values INSIDE the organisation. Through strategic discussions, message creation and implementation, we developed and articulated a Core Values communication program that drove focused employee attraction, improved employee retention, improved training and created an aligned organisational culture. So pleased to do good work for an organisation that does such important work in the community. Thanks, Fon for the opportunity to work together!

Sam shares his thoughts on how The Growth Garden has helped him establish solid brand foundations, understand his ideal client profile and develop messaging that speaks directly to his target audience. Thanks for the kind words, Sam!