Origin Story 

AKA About Us


That was it! I was done with life as a corporate executive. I’d had enough with supporting others’ dreams, enough of having to go against my own intuition. Enough of not honouring my dreams. 

I could no longer be beholden to someone else’s vision, agenda, needs and wants. I craved the independence and freedom to do the work I loved, to make the difference I wanted to make in the world, to work with interesting, innovative, ambitious people who have found their calling. I wanted to create my dream, the business I wanted to work in. 

Some may see this as being selfish. Possibly. But I see it more as being self-fulfilling, being the change I wanted to see. That change was to apply everything I learned about growth from my time in the BIG corporates to the SME landscape so that SME companies could grow smarter, faster and more strategically.  

This is why I created The Growth Garden. 

We exist  to help ambitious service businesses to not only grow, but to sustainably thrive! 


We show up for clients. And, we bring over 30 years of multi-industry experience creating business visions, building and re-building brands, creating compelling messaging, launching products, services and new businesses, growing marketing teams, bottom lines, and auditing existing marketing, operations, and processes to create maximum efficiency and profitability.


We are driven to help the ambitious entrepreneur to get crystal clear on their ultimate business vision and then to provide them with the tools, strategies and consulting they need to actually achieve it.

The Growth Garden is a place where business dreams blossom. We plant the seeds for sustainable growth, we tend to the changing environment affecting that growth and we work with you to create an environment where you, your vision, your growth, and your profitability will continue to thrive!


Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who is ready to get crystal clear on your business goals and future vision?  Do you want to experience noticeable strategic and sustainable growth while you edge closer and closer to achieving it?

Then step into The Growth Garden.  Let’s have a chat. We can take a virtual stroll around and see where and how we can get you firmly planted in a nutrient rich environment, where your sustainable growth is tended to regularly. 

Don’t put it off any longer.

This is your time to thrive!

To start your growth journey, please reach out in whatever way is right for you!