Foundational Strategies

Make sure your foundations are solid!


You can’t grow a thriving garden in untreated or untended soil.

You can't build a skyscraper on a shaky foundation.

Well, you can, but you shouldn't!

Do you have an annual marketing plan in place? Have you conducted a mid-year review?

Do you know what you'll need to create your growth trajectory?

Do you know what resources? What tools? What strategies will be required to hit your goals?

Have you even created growth goals for this year yet?

If you have a plan, how are you tracking?

Before you go all future focused and commit to a big growth strategy,STOP!

Do yourself and your business a favour and consider the fundamentals.

Do you have the right foundations in place?

Have you covered your foundational marketing needs?

Not sure if you have the right foundations in place for BIG GROWTH?

Have you got:

  • An ongoing planning process in place?

  • A clear profile of your ideal customer(s)?

  • A strongly established digital footprint? A responsive and content-rich website, an updated and engaging social media presence?

  • SEO working to your advantage?

  • A content rich CRM that will keep pace with your marketing needs?

  • A solid referral program in place that keeps delivering new customers?

  • A proper brand manifesto that clearly articulates not just the look and feel, but the entire brand promise - your vision, your why, your benefits, USPs, voice, etc?

  • An ongoing automated prospecting process?

  • An automated and ongoing testimonial gathering program?

  • A rich reporting system and analytics that produce information you can use in making future marketing decisions?

  • A replicable and scalable campaign system in place to promote your products/services?

  • Anengaging website that has been updated within the past six months?

  • A thriving and expanding social community?

If you want to grow, and you've answered 'no' to any of these, we should talk. If you answered, ‘no.’ to more than five of these, call us NOW!

If you want growth, consider the foundation you're building on. Reach out to solidify yours!

We cannot stress enough the importance of solid marketing foundations before embarking upon (and investing in) growth strategies.

If you want to grow (we’re pretty sure you do!) then make sure your foundations are in place and that they are solid and supportive.

Don’t build your business skyscraper on a shaky foundation and do not plant your seeds for growth in shi**y soil.