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The Inaugural Episode of Meaningful Musings from a Marketing Mind

In this new Growth Garden VLOG, we unpack real life marketing examples from the wild and learn from them!

These short videos will provide you with some tips, hints, examples, aha’s, even some scratch your head examples of real life contemporary marketing in action.

Hopefully they will help you become far more aware of what to do and what NOT to do in your marketing efforts.

Episode #1 - Why I Unsubscribed and Why You Should Too!

What it Lacks in Sex Appeal, it makes up for with Strategic Strength 

Meet The Growth Audit, Your Super Tool for Driving Sustainable Growth

Some other marketing agencies will attempt to dazzle with promises of viral video fame, amassing huge follower numbers and overnight marketing successes. When the others are making all kinds of noise yet delivering little strategic substance, we, at The Growth Garden, are offering clients highly functional, data driven tools that actually help them achieve their growth goals.

The most powerful of these is by far, The Growth Audit.

You can't change what you don't acknowledge. A Growth Audit, will detail your current state, identify what's working and make recommendations for what's still required to create the growth you want.

What is it?  

Simply put, it’s a holistic review of your entire business operations.  It includes a deep dive into marketing, messaging, brand and strategy, yet goes further to include an audit of company goals and resourcing, operations, systems, processes and planning.  It uses hard metrics to find ways to save time, errors, and money and it identifies ways to increase productivity, return on investment, efficiency,  accuracy, and market share.  It aligns and integrates and it’s like a full service tune up for your business, setting it up to support and sustain future growth.

Why Invest in a Growth Audit?

To set your business up for sustainable success! 

Conducting a growth audit is one of the most powerful investments you can make in the long term sustainable growth of your business.

You may already be aware of its power,  but here’s a reminder of the key benefits generated from a Comprehensive Growth Audit. 

It will:

How Does It Work?

Some standard audit methods employed include:

A Growth Audit is much more than either a digital audit or a marketing audit.  It looks beyond that and includes a review of your systems, processes, operations, resourcing, pricing, and communications, including the following broad sections:

Twelve Telling HINTS the Time is Right for a Growth Audit 

How do you know if a Growth Audit is right for you? Or, when the time might be right?  

There are a few telling signs that a Growth Audit is exactly what you need. They  include:

How many of these resonate with you?

(If it’s more than 3, we should talk!)

So, when you’re thinking about how you want to approach your company’s  future growth, do you want lots of noise, empty promises, and short term gain at the expense of long term growth? Or do you want the benefits of a solid strategic business tool that generates sustainable growth over the long term?

When it comes to the growth and success of your business, what’s  your choice?, Sexy or Strong?  

Growth Garden Opens Gold Coast Office

The Growth Garden is excited to be opening our brand new GOLD COAST office IN BROADBEACH in January 2023.

While our home base has changed, we continue to service clients and their growth needs throughout Australia, Canada and the United States, just with a better view! We continue to maintain our alliance partners in Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, and San Francisco and look forward to expanding this network.

THE GROWTH GARDEN helps ambitious service companies to achieve their BIG growth goals.

We’re a branding, marketing, messaging and strategic growth agency that helps service providers to get clear on their desired vision, uncover and communicate their unique DNA, find their ideal clients, and fall in love with their businesses all over again as we plant the seeds required to bring that BIG VISION to life!

If you’re a service business that is done with playing small and growth is what you’re after, we can help you to start thinking bigger and get you ready to thrive!

Thinking BIG means embracing :

Detailed Present State Benchmarking

Asking (and Answering) Powerful Strategic Questions

Extensive Business Vision Creation

Comprehensive Growth Planning

Detailed Client Profiling

Brand DNA Mapping and Profiling

Foundational Strategy Creation

Growth Strategy Creation

Ongoing Reviews, Audits and Adjustments

Mentoring,Coaching and Consulting to Expand You're Growth Skillset

So, if BIG GROWTH is top of your 2023 business goal list, then let’s connect and make this your best year yet!

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