Business Growth in just 90-Minutes! 

Your 90-Minute Growth Accelerator Session delivers immediate, actionable, and implementable recommendations that will translate into scalable and sustainable business growth.

Struggling to grow your business?  

It may sound like this...

I want my business to grow, but I suffer from "growth overwhelm" - I'm not sure where to start or how to get there. Hello, too hard basket!

I'm doing 'all the things' but unsure of my real priorities.

We really can't tell what’s working and what’s not. So, we don't know what to do more/less of!

Something's gotta give. We need to scale faster, more efficiently, or with less effort.

I'm happy to stay in my zone of genius, but I'm not a marketer - H-E-L-P!

Sound familiar?

Seriously, I DON'T got this!

The struggle is real.

Amplify and accelerate your business growth with the 90-Minute Growth Accelerator Session.

Get ready for a powerful 90 minutes of growth cultivation discussions. This deep discovery session examines your current strategies, messaging, branding, processes, operations, technology, and tools. We clarify, brainstorm, strategise, and prioritise together on the call.

By using expert strategic and objective investigative techniques, we unearth those gems that are just bursting with growth potential so that you can implement them. 

You get the fast, scalable, and sustainable growth you're after!  As it grows, your business becomes increasingly able to increase the desired impact it was built for, while funding the fabulous life of your dreams!

When your business is growing, the impact and dreams keep flowing!

The Benefits

A fresh perspective on how to best grow your business 

Clarity and validation around what’s working, what’s not 

Well defined goals

Improved focus

Vetted of your own growth ideas

New growth strategy ideas 

A greater sense of control over your business' future

Faster, more efficient processes

Clearer priorities

Feedback on current and past marketing activities

The chance to brainstorm additional options, ideas, and opportunities

Common sense advice/mentoring for results 

Planning suggestions 

Recommended next steps

Your Investment


You're bound to make this back (and more) almost immediately by implementing one or more of the strategies or suggestions we discuss on the call.

Nicole's thoughts on Linda's expert approach...

"She asks the pointed type of questions, using a no BS mindset, that is supremely helpful when you want to scale a business."

"Her ability to pinpoint IN BOLD what a business needs strategically is unlike anyone I've seen before."

How The Growth Accelerator Experience works...

What's included...

A Small Investment and just 90 Minutes of Your Time Will Deliver BIG Results!

The Growth Accelerator Experience sets you up for solid, scalable, and sustainable future business growth.

Through a combination of deep discovery, sound strategic advice, brainstorming, and down to earth practical guidance, The Growth Accelerator Experience will set you on focused on a clear path of business growth.

Is This Right For Me?

Who are you?

You were born entrepreneurial. Think back to that lemonade stand, paper route, dog walking business.  You've certainly come a long way!  

You think BIG, you act quickly and you want to maximise the impact you and your business can make in this world.

You run a service business, probably in the B2B space and you have seen the tremendous success of the big corporates first hand. And, while you don't want to be in THAT space, you do want to expand and grow and amplify and see where this takes you.

You've probably had your business running profitably for a few years and you've been doing all (or at least most) of the things yourself.

You've been CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO and that sh*t's gotta stop. You want to concentrate on your zone of genius. 

You're ready to grow!

You're ready for your next phase of growth. And, you realise that it's going to require trust and delegation and tapping into the proven expertise of others. You're ready to invest in planning, process, technology, to apply rigour and embrace well honed strategy because you know how important they all are in driving success.

You're looking for expertise to help you to craft the plan to get from here to there and to provide support and nurturing as you grow. 

If this sounds like you, you're ready for The Growth Garden experience so please book your call!

Get All The Growth Feels!

The Growth Activator Experience will have you feeling...





Clearer on your growth goals + priorities

Filled with ideas


Confident + in control

Like you're a better marketer!

Your Growth Acceleration Experts 

Linda Johannesson

Founder + Growth/Brand Strategist

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Sheridan James

Digital + Growth Strategist

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Bare Marketing

Clare Puki

Growth + Brand Strategist



Kamila Kingston

Digital + Brand Strategist

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Growth Acceleration Means...

Sales + Revenue  + Net Profit + Website Traffic + Customer Acquisition + Qualified Leads + Customer Loyalty + Referrals + Retention + Messaging Alignment + Brand Articulation + Recognition + Accomplishing Milestones + Greater Visibility + Employee Satisfaction + CEO Pride + Happiness + Direction + Focus + Efficiency + Accomplished Goals

Scalable And Sustainable Business Growth.

From those who have grown - What past clients say... 

"Clare is very approachable, a good listener and communicates very well. I felt instantly comfortable that she understood our business requirements and what I was trying to achieve.

While always thinking about the bigger and strategic picture, Clare has complimentary skills that allow her to produce high quality tactical marketing, as well as strategic deliverables, in very impressive timeframes.

Clare’s always highly professional, engaged and with a good sense of humour!"

Jessie Sadler - CEO & Founder at Christina Stephens

"We also have had Linda consult with individual authors, and during those meetings I can almost see the light bulbs go off in their heads as she gives them targeted ideas to help them grow their own brands. Linda is a brilliant strategist and marketer and we highly value her help and consultation."

Holly - Head of Publishing, EdTechTeam

"I highly recommend working with Kamila for your business strategy! She is not only highly creative in the strategy she recommends, but also really understand the action plan of how to make it happen! If you want to get your business out into the world and make money- Work with her!!!!"

Dani, Upwork Client

"Sheridan, I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in growing my business! Our weekly calls have given me the strategic direction and implementation guidance I have needed to amplify the success of my businesses. I look forward to brainstorming ideas and being held accountable in every area of our team's growth, and I truly believe this work has changed the course of our business."

Lynn Whitbeck - Founder and CEO of Claim Your Career Crown and Future Forward Sales

"Kamila was a valued contractor. She has great experience in brand marketing as she implements her lessons learned from her working career, which saved us a lot of time and money. It was great to have her on hand as a specialist to direct us and help achieve our goals."

Upwork Client

"Linda helped transform our company and get us back on the track to success. …Thanks to Linda, everyone at Univex is now much more confident about the future and we are starting to see results in the way of new customers!"

Paul D. Filmer - Managing Director, The Univex Group

"Clare offers valuable insights and guidance in the digital marketing space, with actionable and clear recommendations. She has also provided me with direction across a range of areas in my marketing role, including branding and design. 

Clare’s guidance has helped me develop my confidence and aptitude for digital marketing.  She is personable and enthusiastic, always willing to work to my needs and invest in my success."

Caitlin Strong - Digital Marketing Coordinator, Couplemate

“Really easy to work with, responsible and responsive

Aside from Sheridan's marketing work, they created, managed and have grown our social media accounts for the last two years with zero guidance in the niche space of property development.

They’re our main sales channel now. Thank you!”

Mark, Seymour Strategists

"You will rarely find the skill sets that allow a person to both develop strategy and execute that strategy, on a practical level, in one person… that person is Linda!"

Paul Cormier - President,

About The Growth Garden and Our Founder

The Growth Garden is a branding, marketing, and growth agency that was built with the specific purpose of helping ambitious service businesses to achieve their growth goals.

We use a holistic approach that goes well beyond marketing. It helps clients create a clear vision for their future and then provides the tools, strategies, and expert guidance required to actually achieve it.

Growth audits, internal/external branding work, strategic growth marketing, and copywriting and content creation, coaching and consulting services are all delivered virtually so that clients can experience maximum efficiency, timeliness, nd impact.

The Growth Garden was founded by Linda Johannesson (The Growth Gal) in early 2022, and represents the third and most comprehensive agency offering that Linda has created over the years.

Growth Garden clients benefit from a diversity of expertise. With 30+ years of multi-industry, omni-channel, robust marketing and communications experience, Linda has been helping grow companies for decades! 

Clients need not look any further for a total growth solution. From producing compelling content, building memorable brands, developing powerful growth strategies, conducting enlightening audits, to implementing strategic marketing campaigns and all the communications they require, to mentoring others to grow, her holistic and integrated approach to growth includes expertise in many areas.

TGG is strategically structured by having a strong alliance of trusted strategic partners whose specialised expertise is brought on a project by project basis to get the required results.

When we work together you can count on superior customised service. You get access to BIG CO marketing and communication solutions that are backed by solid strategy, created to achieve results, and delivered with passion.  

And, you can bet we'll have a bit of fun!

Let's get you growing, shall we?

Planning + Profiling + Branding + Strategies + Content + SEO + Copywriting + Reviews + Audits + Coaching + Consulting