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How it works

This powerful session is all about activating your specific growth priorities. It gets you unstuck and helps you take those next steps required for your ongoing growth. The discussion focuses on your current state and identifies the best and fastest way forward toward results!

You come with your questions, your goals, things you’re struggling with or that have you stuck, or things you just need another strategic growth focused brain to weigh in on. You set the agenda. We'll ask some exploratory questions, answer yours, provide insights, suggestions, resources, alternative ideas and some strategic solutions.

It's 60 minutes of focused strategic attention on creating growth for you and your business.

This session is a productive and progressive hour focused on realising your growth potential. It ...

  • Helps clarify your priorities

  • Reinvigorates your future focus

  • Activates your thinking and translates it into actions

  • Identifies your next growth steps

  • Answers your questions (so get'em ready!)

We’re only booking in five sessions each week, so secure your spot early! We can’t wait to learn more about you and your business.

Let's crush your growth goals together!

Your 'Ask Us Anything' Gals


"I highly recommend working with Kamila for your business strategy! She is not only highly creative in the strategy she recommends, but also really understand the action plan of how to make it happen! If you want to get your business out into the world and make money- Work with her!!!!"

Dani, Upwork Client

"Sheridan, I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in growing my business! Our weekly calls have given me the strategic direction and implementation guidance I have needed to amplify the success of my businesses. I look forward to brainstorming ideas and being held accountable in every area of our team's growth, and I truly believe this work has changed the course of our business."

Lynn Whitbeck - Founder and CEO of Claim Your Career Crown and Future Forward Sales

"Clare offers valuable insights and guidance in the digital marketing space, with actionable and clear recommendations. She has also provided me with direction across a range of areas in my marketing role, including branding and design.

Clare’s guidance has helped me develop my confidence and aptitude for digital marketing. She is personable and enthusiastic, always willing to work to my needs and invest in my success."

Caitlin Strong - Digital Marketing Coordinator, Couplemate

"We also have had Linda consult with individual authors, and during those meetings I can almost see the light bulbs go off in their heads as she gives them targeted ideas to help them grow their own brands. Linda is a brilliant strategist and marketer and we highly value her help and consultation."

Holly Clark - Head of Publishing, EdTechTeam

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Sales + Revenue + Net Profit + Website Traffic + Customer Acquisition + Qualified Leads + Customer Loyalty + Retention + Messaging Alignment + Brand Articulation + Recognition + Accomplishing Milestones + Greater Visibility + Employee Satisfaction + CEO Pride + Happiness